The map of your marketing program


The map of your marketing program


Membership card for your establishment or organization


Map of your commune, municipality, local authority


Loyalty, club, benefits, privileges, partners


A guest card, membership card, invitation ticket to the event...


Integrate Eldo Wallet into your solutions


Strengthen employee relations

Simply connect to employees
CSE, social works committee

Thanks to eldo wallet, a 100% web-based platform, you can send your CSE card to employees' cell phones in just one click, and send them your offers and benefits directly to their mobiles. Make life easier for them, and build closer ties.

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What can you dematerialize
and send to your employees' smartphone wallet?

Your CSE card, partner coupons and promotional offers, competitions, gift cards...

👉 The CSE card in your employees' cell phone, easy access

- Offers and benefits (Ticketing catalog, partners, etc.)

- Contact details for members of the organization

👉 Satisfy employees with a simple, effective way to distribute benefits
- Partner promotion coupon to download and store in your cell phone
- A new advantage to discover on your CSE card
- Whatever the nature of the benefit, you distribute it through this channel
Easily send push notifications to employees, strengthen the relationship with them 👌

Employees receive a notification on their cell phone.

You can communicate your offers and news to them whenever you like.

You enrich the relationship with your organization: advice notifications, end-of-year greetings... 

You replace e-mails and text messages with your own notifications.

eldo wallet - Marketing platform for your customers' mobile wallet
👌 All without developing a mobile app. You use Apple, Google wallet
eldo wallet - Marketing platform for your customers' mobile wallet

What is a wallet?? A native application available free of charge from Apple or Google, used to store cards (loyalty, membership, promotional coupons, gifts, etc.), tickets (for transport, events, etc.), payments and access points.

eldo wallet, and its technology, allow you to use your employees' mobile wallet, without any IT effort.

👉 Imagine the simplicity offered to employees
eldo wallet - Marketing platform for your customers' mobile wallet
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👉 Why connect to your employees' mobile wallet?
The use of the mobile wallet by CSEs, social works committees, etc. offers several advantages
Massive wallet adoption

The mobile wallet simplifies the lives of over 2 billion users worldwide for everyday use, and within a year there will be 4 billion.

Simplified recruitment for your employees

The wallet is present on 99% of cell phones.

Consent is no longer required, as it has already been granted to Apple or Google when the mobile is activated.

Simple and economical

The wallet makes it possible to simplify employee journeys, and your communication, without having to develop a mobile application. 

All of which makes this wallet channel very economical.

Efficient and useful for your employees

10x more efficient than email, 35% cheaper than SMS, and extremely convenient for employees and CSE members.

Useful and practical, with your personalized card in their wallet, employees have access to the key information you choose.

Develop your digital image

Offering simpler, more digital means of communication is no longer an option.

With the wallet, you're in the game.

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eldo wallet - Marketing platform for your customers' mobile wallet
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eldo wallet - Marketing platform for your customers' mobile wallet
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